Dorset Cereals

Category: Grocery
Dorset can't help believing that life is too short to settle for second best, and that simple, honest pleasures are often the most rewarding. Like walking barefoot in the morning dew, an ice cream on the beach or jumping in puddles just for fun. To make their recipes, Dorset takes natural ingredients and carefully blend them together. They visit suppliers to make sure they are using the best possible ingredients. The result is a really tasty breakfast that's a good source of fibre and contains wholegrains. Simple, but then the best things in life usually are.
  • Fruits Nuts & Seeds
  • Really Nutty Muesli
  • Simply Delicious Muesli
  • Super High Fibre Cereal
  • Simply Nutty Muesli
  • Super Cran Cherry Cereal
  • Honey Granola
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